Appliance Desk is an independent Appliance Service Company, providing service to the consumer for Major Appliance Manufacturers / Brands. Our geographic coverage includes USA and Canada Our services include: Customer Service, Technical Support, Parts Order Processing, and Parts Distribution to provide seamless support to the customer. Our Mission is to become the most reliable and customer-friendly Appliance Service Company in North America.


Product Service Information

Refrigerators & Icemakers: We diagnose and repair refrigerator problems including poor cooling, leaks, loud noises.

Combo Washer Dryers/Washers: We repair problems including low spinning, leaks, loud noises and cycle irregularities.

Dryers: We repair problems including poor heating, cycle irregularities, loud noises.

Oven/Stove/Ranges: We repair most of the Oven, Stove and Range problems including poor temperature control, broken bake elements, control board malfunctions.

Dishwashers: We repair most dishwasher problems including poor cleaning, leaking, control board malfunctions.

Other Appliances: Please Contact Us and we will try our best to assist you.

We also sell parts, laundry detergent and we provide extended warranties for manufacturers.